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Sourcing suppliers, managing production and scheduling fulfillment has long been a daunting and time-consuming task for most print buyers and marketing professionals.

Direction has changed this forever…

Direction's new on-line print management and procurement center has been designed to extend value beyond our personal and professional services by empowering customers with the ability to control costs, minimize time to market and stay in the "loupe" during every step of the production and fulfillment process.

Anytime... Anywhere...

Our on-line print management and procurement center makes it easy to source and manage a wide variety of print media products and services. Print buyers can select from hundreds of products, utilize web-to-print templates or input their own custom specifications and receive an instantaneous quote or place an order. Our intelligent estimation process automatically considers all possible production equipment, impositions, run styles, stock sizes, services and materials before calculating the most cost-effective way to produce and distribute the highest quality print products.

The (R)Evolution of Printing...

By utilizing the Internet and networking in real time with a variety of production and distribution facilities that utilize leading edge equipment and work flows, Direction is able to break traditional barriers and deliver higher quality products and services in less time than most printing and fulfillment suppliers.

In fact, Direction can usually have your project complete before the competition even gets you a quote!

Facilities, Equipment and Process

The diagram below outlines the facilities, equipment and process that Direction utilizes from estimate through delivery to save everyone time and money!

Look in Our Direction for Superior Quality, Price, Service and Experience!

All of this... combined with our extensive experience and superior service make Direction the ideal choice for serious print buyers and marketing professionals!

For personal assistance with your next project or our on-line print management and procurement center, please contact a Direction representative through our help desk or by calling 519.894.6514 or Toll Free: 1.888.894.6514.

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